Detailed information about the PRAS company

PRAS, headquartered in Minsk, has been helping businesses grow with IT solutions since 2011.

Our expertise in software development, strategic business analysis and creative design approach helps to rethink your business. As a result, we offer innovative solutions focused on digital transformation.

We develop solutions on c# and java spring frameworks, abandoning template-based management systems in favor of custom development. This approach not only provides flexibility, but also allows our team to realize almost any concept of digital business transformation.

More than 180 projects for 60 companies from the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus confirm our experience.

The company has been successfully expanding its geography. The high level of services is proved by certificates and participation in international organizations as a resident expert.

PRAS has particular expertise in certain areas developed over many years of practice. This is the basis for successful solutions: we ensure a high level of competence and efficiency, while finding a unique approach to each project.

The key employees of PRAS company have worked their way up from an ordinary programmer to a team leader and project manager, so they have a really good understanding of working with IT projects.

  • Mikalaj Tamaszevicz
    Mikalaj Tamaszevicz

    Founder / CEO

  • Aliaksej Kulbicki
    Aliaksej Kulbicki

    Founder / Art Director

Company team actively shares its experience through participation in various festivals, seminars, publishing in media. All this confirms our reputation as a competent partner.

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