promotional website for BSEU applicants

PRAS has created a space that introduces the Belarusian State University of Economics, prospects and opportunities for study, admission conditions, dormitory accommodation and options for students' cultural life.

Creating a promotional website for university applicants
Main page of the project
Main page of the project
Design of all web application pages

The main page of the site welcomes the applicants with a video presentation of the customer to give future students a first positive impression of the institution. The section panel is located on top and is divided into two parts - large thematic blocks are placed in plain sight, and subsections are hidden under the spoiler.

The list of faculties and specialties allows a user to understand the specifics of the institution and find a new promising direction of study. A special section offers a glimpse into the atmosphere of student life. 

Users who are still studying at schools and gymnasiums will be interested in the section on preparatory courses. Graduates will find useful information about admission rules and passing scores. An important place on the site is occupied by materials on the current introductory campaign. 

Those who have doubts about their choice of study place will be persuaded by the list of renowned graduates of BSEU. Detailed information about the conditions and cost of training can be found in a separate section. A special section will answer frequently asked questions, and a feedback module will help an applicant get advice from university staff.

  • Presentation video integrated into the website structure.
  • Integration with users' personal accounts.
  • Site search.
  • Feedback form with spam protection.
  • Adaptation for viewing from mobile devices.
  • Distribution of content by thematic blocks for easy navigation.
Technical solutions
  • Increasing the throughput and speed of the portal due to the redistribution of visitor flows by sections.
  • Data storage on CDN servers.
  • Development on the ASP.NET platform.
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