web portal of the newspaper of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus

Belaruski Chas

The company created a style and website for the newspaper "Belaruski Chas", which has existed since 1989. Thanks to the created web-platform, the audience of the newspaper has significantly expanded.

Creation of a new corporate identity and a newspaper website with user accounts
Main page of the project
Main page of the project
Design of all web application pages

As part of the project, a new corporate identity was developed, which changed the positioning and philosophy of the newspaper. And the new layouts brought the mass media closer to internationally respected publications.

The structure of the site is classic for a media resource, with many sections for maximum coverage of life spheres. Sections located at the top of the site under the spoiler are duplicated on the main page. The bottom panel provides a complete list of sections divided into regions.

The news block introduces readers to all the materials of the portal. A special section is dedicated to the newspaper's special projects. The news of trade union life hold a particular place on the site. Photo and video content is collected in the media feed. The calendar of professional holidays will not allow a user to miss any significant date. Editorial mail is located in a special section. Separately are posted the rules of competitions and important documents related to the activities of the Federation of Trade Unions.

Archived editions of the newspaper can be downloaded in a special section. General information about the newspaper, its history and contact details are grouped together. The function of feedback with the editors is performed by personal user accounts.

  • Personal user accounts.
  • Ability to download documents in PDF.
  • Calendar of professional holidays.
  • Оpportunity to comment on articles.
  • Distribution of content into thematic blocks for easy navigation.
Technical solutions
  • Increasing the throughput and speed of the portal due to the redistribution of visitor flows by sections.
  • Data storage on CDN servers.
  • Development on the ASP.NET platform.
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