website of a unique residential complex

DEPO Quarter

The original quarter with residential buildings and public spaces is being built amidst the former development of the city. We created a platform for the presentation of the entire quarter and the individual houses in it, as well as a link to the sales system.

Creation of the site of a premium-class residential complex and its connection with the sales system
The project has been implemented on a proprietary .NET web application management system
ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS, HTML, JS, CSS, Canvas
Main page of the project
Main page of the project
Design of all web application pages

• 20+ page design templates.
• Adaptive version.
• 2 language versions.
• Selection of houses on the quarter map, selection of floors in houses and selection of apartments on the floor.
• Search for apartments by filters.
• Localization in 2 languages.
• Implementation of lead generation form.
• Development of CMS for dynamic content management.

Technical solutions

• Interactive 3D panorama of the quarter.
• Constructor of apartment decoration.
• Integration with Dynamics CRM.
• SVG markup for dynamic addition of houses, floors and apartments.
• Script optimization and caching for better productivity.

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