social network for migrants in Switzerland


Verein für soziale Inklusion is a non-governmental organization, that focuses on the integration of migrants into Swiss society. In order to help refugees quickly adapt to the new environment, a special portal was created in 2018 that functions as a kind of social network.

Creating a social network for migrants
Main page of the project
Main page of the project
Design of all web application pages

The website structure brings together two target audiences - Swiss citizens, offering help and migrants, needing support. 

The thematic sections of the website are placed at the top and bottom, with some of the sections at the top hidden under a spoiler, so as not to overload the page.

Migrants can browse through the offers of accommodation and work in separate sections or choose a volunteer. Meanwhile, locals use a special form to offer their services or to directly help a refugee.

Separate sections introduce the organization and offer to register as a volunteer or to make a donation through a special form.

The blog publishes news and useful information. The website also has organizational information - terms of use and privacy policy.


• Special registration form.
• 2 language versions.
• Special form for donations.
• Modules for finding housing and work according to specified criteria.
• Adaptation for viewing from mobile devices.

Technical solutions

• Redistribution of visitor flows by sections.
• Storage of data on CDN servers.
• Development on the ASP.NET + Angular.JS platform.


Client-oriented and technically adept, PRAS creates well-designed, scalable solutions in a cost-effective way. The team is accessible and recommends improvements where needed, building out additional features to enhance the project.

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