web application for managing projects in the field of construction and repair


PRAS has developed a service designed to digitalize the construction industry. In particular, to automate routine work, monitor company employees, and make the procurement and delivery of construction materials to sites more transparent and faster.

Creation of a project management service in the construction industry
Main page of the project
Main page of the project
Design of all web application pages

The website is designed in a single-page version with the ability to scroll. The sections can be found both by scrolling through the page and in the menu at the top.

The types of repair works performed are put in a chronological order using real objects as an example. Each object is accompanied by a list of works and a photo gallery, which allows a user to evaluate the workmanship of the builders at different project stages. Real customer reviews shall remove doubts about the quality of the repair works.

A separate section lists the benefits that distinguish the service from competitors. 

A list of partners with active links to web pages guarantees that the order will be completed by real professionals.

Using the contact details or the feedback form, a user can ask a question or order a project that will definitely catch fancy.


• Special form of communication.
• Adaptation for viewing from mobile devices.
• Distribution of content by thematic blocks to simplify navigation.

Technical solutions

• Storage of data on CDN servers.
• Development on the ASP.NET + Angular.JS platform

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examples of real projects that the PRAS team has worked on are given