corporate website for a brokerage company


PRAS has created a convenient tool for the brokerage company's work - on the developed website it is possible to sell securities, report on payments and all the rules of buying and selling bonds.

Website redesign with simultaneous expansion of functionality
Main page of the project
Main page of the project
Design of all web application pages

The structure of the site is designed with the company's business lines in mind. The static section bar is placed on the side so as not to interfere with browsing the site and does not change its position when scrolling.

A special section introduces the company's activities and services. The central place is occupied by the list of companies whose bonds are available for purchase. Each issue is accompanied by detailed information on the issue and payment terms. A detailed description of the sales mechanism and the customer's legal documents ensure the transparency of the transactions.  

A separate section presents secondary market securities. The calendar of upcoming dividend payments will not let a user miss this pleasant moment.

The details about the issuers can be found in a special section. Information block is formed by company news and media reports. A user can ask the owner of the service a question, as well as subscribe to updates to keep in touch with developments on the brokerage market via separate forms. 

  • Table of available bonds with filtering by specified criteria.
  • Cards of securities issues.
  • Adaptation for viewing on mobile devices.
  • Distribution of content into thematic blocks for easy navigation.
  • Special feedback and subscription forms.
Technical solutions
  • Data migration from the previous version.
  • Increasing the throughput and speed of the portal by redistributing visitor flows by section.
  • Data storage on CDN servers.
  • Development on ASP.NET + AngularJS platform.
next section of the site
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