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How PRAS organized the university admission process

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Each entry campaign is a combination of fulfilled expectations and painful disappointments, fateful choices and the swelling of strung nerves. If organizational chaos on the part of the university is added to this stress, wait for balls after rollers. And our art studio was and will be for harmony. That is why the order, which the Belarusian State University of Economics approached us with, found an extremely lively response in the circle of PRAS members.

Goals and objectives

The order of BDEU was outlined as follows: to create a resource that would beautifully, clearly, and reassuringly provide the condensate of information needed by the applicant. For now, future economists, bankers, biathletes, etc. crunched CT aids and rang graduation glasses, we had to condense, structure, combine, match - in short, harmonize properly.

An idea

A graduate who is going to become a student of BDU, visits a resource specially developed for the entrance campaign. Faculties, specialties, points, competition, deadlines — he absorbs all this in his mind first of all. Visually inspired, soothed through an intuitive interface. Relatively calm and comprehensively oriented, he reduces his chances of experiencing a complex emotion and cancels the chances of the commission to receive superfluous questions. And then, based on the desire of the applicant, a simple and cool thing happens - submitting an application to the admissions committee through the user's personal account online, and not through the pain of surviving in offline queues.


Promo siteAll sections of the site are interconnected. The appropriate number of repetitions of the most significant information — about faculties, competition, points, terms — is preserved. There are tools for sorting information. Shades of blue concentrate, calm, evoke images of innovative achievements and successful people in brands and trends. The large image of Daria Domrachava is also charged with success. The path of an applicant from a simple visitor to a student of BEU is strictly defined, not giving the opportunity to move aside or get lost (as is done on most modern admission sites now).

From the point of view of BDEU employees, the site made it possible to easily process thousands of application forms from applicants in real time. Life-search, multi-user access (so that reception committees scattered in different buildings do not interfere with each other's work in the system) with demarcation of roles, distributed system for intranet, etc. Thus, the applicants came, printed the questionnaires, signed them, and left pleased with the system and the approach of BDEU.

Project implementation period:

 January — June 2016. ResultThe specialized promotion resource, consisting of two sites: and, aimed at serving the university's admissions campaign, greatly simplified the admission procedure.Speeding up the work of the adoption company, absence of queues for admission.Each site: about 9,000 unique visitors (according to Google.Analytics) and more than 15,000 sessions.A set of services that can be expanded and developed for subsequent introductory campaigns.Safe handling of the applicant's data and protection from the "fool".Perfect scores (>92/100) from Google.Page.SpeedJ

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