platform for online travel exhibitions

For the needs of the national tourism agency in 2020, due to the coronovirus pandemic, the company has created a special platform for online travel exhibitions. The new platform offers the same opportunities as a regular tourism exhibition - from creating your own booth pages, to hosting webinars and online discussions.

Creating a platform for online exhibitions
Main page of the project
Main page of the project
Design of all web application pages

Working with the resource begins with registration through a special form as a participant or guest of the exhibition. This data is stored in the system and automatically pulled up when the personal account is further filled in.

The site allows users to hold both full-fledged exhibitions and small webinars. The participants may organize events and add an unlimited number of people as their team. Guests in their cabinets have the ability to create calendars of events and activities that they plan to attend.

The pages of participants contain information about their activities, organized events, multimedia materials and contacts. A separate section presents a complete list of participants in a particular event.

Visitors can get acquainted with the materials of past exhibitions and announcements of future ones on a special page.

The news section provides information on the highlights of the exhibitions, as well as notable events in the tourism sector at home and abroad.

  • Personal user accounts.
  • Ability to create webinars.
  • Event calendars.
  • Adaptation for viewing from mobile devices.
  • Distribution of content into thematic blocks for easy navigation.
Technical solutions
  • Differentiation of users' functionality depending on their status (participant-guest).
  • Increasing the platform's capacity and speed by redistributing visitor flows by sections.
  • Data storage on CDN servers.
  • Development on the ASP.NET platform + AngularJS.
  • Using Yandex.Maps API.
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