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Кампанія "Белвакуумпак" - вядомы беларускі вытворца харчовага і медыцынскага пакавання прадстаўлены на рынку з 1998 года. PRAS стварыў зручны сайт для замовы як паслуг па вакуумаванні, так і расходнікаў з абсталяваннем для пакавання.

Redesign of the website with functional expansion
Main page of the project
Main page of the project
Design of all web application pages

The new structure of the site was developed taking into account the areas of activity of the customer. As a result, the content is distributed more logically, and the site search function has improved navigation.

The product and equipment sections introduce a user to the available products, including their features and prices, as well as possible discounts. Searching the site according to the specified criteria helps a visitor quickly find the right product.

A separate section provides detailed information about sales and delivery conditions. A user can order products using the shopping cart after registering on the site through a special form.

The thematic sections introduce the history of creation and news of the company. In addition, the site contains answers to frequently asked questions, as well as a feedback form.


• General site search.
• Special registration form.
• Cart of goods with price calculation.
• 3 language versions.
• Search for goods according to specified criteria.
• Adaptation for viewing from mobile devices.
• Distribution of content by thematic blocks to simplify navigation.
• Special feedback form.

Technical solutions

• SEO-promotion of language versions by product names and descriptions.
• Storage of data on CDN servers.
• Development on the ASP.NET + AngularJS platform.

EBRD program

This project was implemented with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). PRAS is a certified EBRD consultant. Thanks to this, the company’s business clients can receive assistance from the bank for digital development.

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