history and cultural heritage information bank


History and cultural heritage information bank is an information resource that contains data on more than 5,500 Belarusian values. For a long time the bank existed in the form of a table, access to which was restricted to a small circle of specialists. The creation of the electronic version of the resource has made the information available to everyone who is interested in the past of their country. 

Creation of history and cultural heritage information bank
Main page of the project
Main page of the project
Design of all web application pages

The system has two loops: public - the website and private - the control panel. 

The interface of the control panel is simple and easy to use. New values and materials are added using a special constructor with customized parameters, which saves time and simplifies working in the system for users without previous experience with electronic databases. Registered users can exchange messages and files via a panel. The differentiation of users according to the assigned role provides additional protection against accidental actions that could affect the operation of the resource.  

At the heart of the site is value-based search, which is implemented as independent thematic sections, a general site search and an interactive map of values. A large number of search criteria ensures the accuracy of the results. 

Separate sections are devoted to resource news, useful information for professionals, and general information about the databank. The users can ask questions using the contact details or via feedback form.


• Interactive map of objects.
• Personal accounts of users.
• Adaptation for viewing from mobile devices.
• Version for the visually impaired.
• Distribution of content into thematic blocks to simplify navigation.

Technical solutions

• The system consists of several modules with a common administration panel.
• Differentiation of the functionality of personal accounts depending on the role of registered users.
• Increasing the throughput and speed of the portal due to the redistribution of user flows by sections.
• Data storage on CDN servers.
• Development on the platform ASP.NET + AngularJS.
• Using the Yandex.Maps API.


This resource is an invaluable source of information for researchers and people interested in Belarusian culture. PRAS specialists were in close cooperation with representatives of the National Library of Belarus throughout the entire duration of the project and provided advice on working with the portal.

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