UX/UI of Wargaming's UX/UI task manager


PRAS created a convenient task manager for Wargaming projects. Now the requests from different departments of the campaign for internal work will not be ruined, they are easy to create and simply follow the instructions.

Main page of the project
Main page of the project

The UX study of the target audience took into account their needs and experience with multiple systems that were replacing the functionality of the newly created site. The findings were carefully integrated into the interface design process for the new system.

Using Figma, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, a design was developed that not only met the functional requirements, but also provided a high level of user comfort and satisfaction. Each element of the interface was carefully considered to meet UX best practices and create a unique and compelling user experience.


  • Full-fledged UX research with a survey of company employees and study of their work processes
  • User maps created based on research results
  • Developed UI kit
  • 10+ main page templates
  • UI integration with existing internal company products
  • Adaptation of the task creation page for different departments of the company, focusing on their needs
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