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Fininbox Open Banking Sandbox

The Lithuanian company Fininbox creates high-tech services for the financial and banking sectors. For the company, a front-end site with documentation on the development of API services was carried out.

Front-end of the site with documentation on API service development
Main page of the project
Main page of the project
Design of all web application pages

The website is hosted on a sub-domain of the company's main website and has three thematic sections.

A separate block introduces the API service, the architecture, existing versions, technical points and the most frequent questions about its functioning.

An important place is taken by the section where functions with code snippets are examined in detail and a list of changes in the latest version of the service is given.

A special section introduces the information mechanism of the secure operation of the resource and some technical notes on its usage. Feedback and suggestions for improvement can be sent by email.

  • Personal user accounts.
  • Detailed code snippets in 5 programming languages.
Technical solutions
  • Using React technology.
  • Implementation of secure access.
  • Development on the ASP.NET platform.
next section of the site
in which

examples of real projects that the PRAS team has worked on are given