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PRAS specializes not only in the implementation of turnkey projects, but also develops its own. In 2017, a sports search service was created for Belarusians who are actively involved in sports. The purpose of the site is to help active lifestyle lovers and sports organizations to find each other.

Creating a sports facility search service
ASP.NET, CDN, MongoDB, Google Maps API, CI
Main page of the project
Main page of the project
Design of all web application pages

As part of the project, a double concept of site positioning has been developed - b2b and b2c.

Sports facilities in the catalog are divided by types and varieties of sports. Thematic sections are located at the top, bottom and side, which makes it easier to navigate the site.

For beginners, a section has been created with interesting information about sports and their features. Experienced athletes will find a lot of useful tips on choosing outfit and storing equipment in the section.

The built-in company registration form makes it easy to join the service and add buildings and halls to the catalog.

The location selection button allows you to quickly switch to viewing objects in a particular region, and an interactive map shows the location of organizations.


• Search module by object name, sport and region.
• Special registration form for organizations.
• Interactive maps of sports facilities.
• Adaptation for viewing on mobile devices.
• Distribution of content into thematic blocks to simplify navigation.
• Ability for organizations to add an unlimited number of buildings and halls to the catalog.

Technical solutions

• Use of thematic articles for SEO-promotion of the site.
• Data storage on CDN servers.
• Using MongoDB databases.
• Development on the ASP.NET platform
• Using Google Maps API.

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