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Tensor specializes in software development for overseas clients. Great experience in IT inspired the team to establish the first machine learning school in Belarus. Created in 2017, the promotional website for the courses was helpful in finding the first students, ready to receive new knowledge from their peers, and it has been helping to this time.

Creating a promotional website for machine learning courses
Main page of the project
Main page of the project

The project is designed to show that the customer is a pioneer in the niche of machine learning. Since advanced technologies are most often associated with space, this theme was chosen for the website.

The website is designed in a landing page format and uses an interesting reverse scrolling mechanism - materials are placed from the bottom up. This approach shows the professional growth of the students.

The website speaks to the target audience - IT specialists - in a professional but clear language.

The website sections introduce the concept of machine learning and inform about the courses in a consistent way. Easy navigation helps to quickly find the necessary information. Open information about the program, teachers and costs is designed to strengthen the desire to choose the customer's courses.


• Scrolling from the bottom up.
• Consistent placement of question-and-answer content.
• Convenient navigation thanks to numerous navigation buttons.

Technical solutions

• One-page site with long vertical scrolling.
• Development on the PHP platform.

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