web application for working with the national catalog

Register of book monuments

PRAS created a catalog of the most valuable books not only from the collection of the National Library of Belarus, but also implemented the possibility to add book monuments from private collections

Creation of an electronic version of the State Register of Book Monuments of Belarus
Main page of the project
Main page of the project
Design of all web application pages

A structure has been developed for the register with an initial search that directs the visitor to the thematic section of interest. Brief descriptions of collections and funds additionally help to navigate through the catalog.

Sections can be searched according to basic and additional criteria. Information about monuments is presented in short and extended forms. The extended object cards have the ability to view other monuments by a given criterion.  

Private owners of book artefacts can use a special form to check the availability of rare items in their collections.  

A special version of the website has been created for the convenience of visually impaired users. The new items on the register can be found in the thematic section, and the map will tell a user where to look for book monuments.


• Flexible search module by main and additional criteria.
• Special form of registration of private book monuments.
• Version for visually impaired users.
• Adaptation for viewing from mobile devices.
• Distribution of content by thematic blocks to simplify navigation.
• 3 language versions.
• Ability to share a direct link to a search result.
• Return from the feature card to the search page, not the home page.

Technical solutions

• Oracle database migration.
• Combining of different name variants of one object into one search item.
• Storage of data on CDN servers.
• Development on the ASP.NET platform.
• Usage of Yandex.Maps API.

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