website and mobile application for the brokerage company

The company has created a platform to promote the broker's mobile application, which explains the principles and benefits of securities trading in a popular way.

Creation of a website for a brokerage company in conjunction with a mobile application
Main page of the project
Main page of the project

The site received a simple, minimalistic structure. The main page in an unobtrusive manner tells about the company's activities and convinces users that it is not difficult to become a broker. A slider of active issues suggests immediately selecting the most interesting company to invest in. The news block allows a user to keep up to date with the stock market. A comprehensive service agreement published in the public domain guarantees the transparency of transactions.

The thematic sections panel is located at the top. Additionally, there is a spoiler. The complete list of issues is published in a separate section. Special sections introduce the benefits of acquiring bonds and the news of the mobile application.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. A user can contact the company through the feedback form, as well as in social media accounts.

  • Securities issue cards.
  • Buttons for downloading the mobile app.
  • Distribution of content into thematic blocks for easy navigation.
  • Feedback form.
Technical solutions
  • Data storage on CDN servers.
  • Development on ASP.NET + AngularJS platform.
next section of the site
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