web-based analytics and forecasting system

Price monitoring

PRAS has created a system for monitoring and analyzing price changes for different categories of goods. With its help, it is possible to understand how exactly prices change in different areas and to forecast such changes.

Main page of the project
Main page of the project

In the process of creating the system, advanced technologies were widely used to guarantee reliable operation of the web application. Frontend – HTML, CSS, JS and AngularJS. The backend, based on C# and ASP.NET MVC, ensures the stability and efficiency of the server side of the application. MSSQL Server was chosen as the database, providing secure and efficient storage of project data.

  • Users' personal accounts 
  • Role-based authentication 
  • Entering food data 
  • Updated directories on population and average wages 
  • Adaptive version 
  • Application Load 
  • Optimization Automatic database backup
  • Monitoring constructor
  • Generation of statistical reporting in various forms
  • Report generator

The project is implemented on its own platform

The project is implemented on its own platform

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