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SDK Regula

SoftLoft is a young IT company that develops software. In 2018, the company introduced the SDK Regula document validity service, for which a special website was created. 

Creating a website for a document validity service
Main page of the project
Main page of the project
Design of all web application pages

Within the framework of the project, a one-page site-presentation of the service was created. A user can get acquainted with the features of the program by uploading and scanning own document or examples of documents that are on the site.

The statistics show interesting figures related to the service. A separate section contains information about the benefits and areas of use of the program.

Detailed documentation of the service can be found in a special section. A separate section contains the requirements to the uploaded images.

A special contact form allows a user to discuss the prospects for cooperation and send a request for a consultation. Links to popular online app stores make it possible to download and install the service on a user's device.

  • Ability to download documents to test the service.
  • Recognition of documents in real time.
  • Support of 138 languages.
  • More than 9600 document samples.
Technical solutions
  • Data storage on CDN servers.
  • Development on ASP.NET platform.
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