Creating user-friendly interfaces

  • Audience research

    The target audience is thoroughly studied - its composition, goals and tasks that it will solve with the help of the product.

  • Definition of functionality

    A list of basic functions is defined. The interface structure is created, including sections, menus and navigation elements.

  • Prototyping

    Layouts are designed to determine the optimal arrangement of interface elements. Improvements are made based on user feedback and analytical data.

  • Creating a design system

    A design system is developed to ensure uniformity and consistency throughout the product. A detailed design of the main screens is drawn up.

Aliaksiej Kuĺbicki

Aliaksiej Kuĺbicki

Founder of the company, art director
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More than 12 years
business analysis / UX/UI development patterns and methodologies from strategy to layout and implementation
BSU Bachelor's Degree / BSU Master's Degree / Gerrit Rietveld Academie Trainee

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A real case from PRAS
Creating a user-friendly interface of Wargaming internal task manager
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