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How to find an idea for a startup and not go bankrupt

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We continue the series of poetic and practical materials. This text will strengthen the will to act and will interest programmers-dreamers and creative neurotics, or designers. In a column for, Mikalaj Tamaszevicz, PRAS CEO, talks about how to make the world a better place.

Note: as we see it, the right business is primarily about content that is useful for yourself and others, secondly - about self-realization, and only second and a half - about the opportunity to earn money.


Let's try to turn your thinking in such a way that it makes you want to take action instead of just fretting about it. We've proven our expertise by creating 5 startups, which are now at different levels of readiness: 2 are dead, 1 is already being tested and has funding, and 2 are in development.

Observe life situations. Isolate what is built on repetition, takes a lot of time, steals moral resources. Focus on three areas: communication, data sharing, statistics. And most importantly - go to sleep and wake up with the mantra "in the future there will be continuous television, almost everything will be automated".

What you already have and can use - satellite data, maps, databases, self-learning systems, photo recognition. It can and does happen that a startup emerges from a combination of data from these two sources.

So, let's say, Instagram is the result of thinking about how to automate and combine two requests with one program: "upload pics from yesterday to see" and "tell me what's new with you". The application has appeared - we can upload a visual image of the news and share it with all followers.

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