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PRAS has developed a new catalog of museums

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Any country with a sufficient level of self-respect should have an online catalog of exhibits located in museums - treasuries of memory and keepers of the cultural code. The Belarusians also had such a catalog. But the pages of the system crumbled in the hands of museum workers and dissertators into ones and zeros, and private museums could not get there at all. A group of talented enthusiasts from the Minsk-based PRAS company undertook to collect, sort, structure, saturate and properly dress all this. They processed more than 160,000 objects, fully recreated the resource, and opened up access to all the collections in Belarus, including private ones.

Home page of the State Catalog of the Museum Funds
Home page of the State Catalog of the Museum Funds

Why museums like the catalog

Each museum in the catalog has a cabinet with an internal selection of objects. Focusing on the target user - a museum worker who is very far from computer technology, the way of adding exhibits to the site in digital format has been simplified as much as possible. Separate fields were provided for the parameters: year or approximate time of creation, technology, material, author. The museums have abandoned private servers in favor of cloud technology, so even with a lot of bad luck, nothing is lost. The result is a flexible, centralized, powerful professional tool.

Why everyone else likes the site

For researchers, the system is really valuable: you set up filters - museum, class, type, period, country — and you get an instant sample. The time savings are obvious. The site is also very convenient: you click on an object and a page with detailed information opens, then you return to the search page and all filter settings are retained.

Binding of objects to cities and historical periods is arranged on the website: select a checkbox next to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and you'll find everything created in Vilnia; if you don't check it - you'll get a selection of objects from Vilnius.

Beyond the scientific inquiries it is great fun to wander through virtual museum corridors. All it takes is an interest in art and history, and you'll find exhibits, articles and online exhibitions.

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