Development of complex web applications

PRAS analyzes user needs, applies state-of-the-art development technologies and provides continuous support after launch. The company's team is ready to create web applications that provide an optimal user experience for all audience groups.

An in-depth study of the target audience helps to distinguish groups from it and design functionality to meet user expectations. It is critical to go through all stages of design to ensure such a task:

  • Business analysis

    Analyze your business or idea. We show their strengths and formulate a strategy. We propose a product that builds on it and that will help you achieve the best results.

  • UX / UI design

    UX (User Experience) design formulates the target audience, its needs, goals and context of use. When working on UI (User Interface) - an interface is designed that includes visual and interactive elements. Both aspects work together to create a comfortable and effective user experience.

  • Frontend

    The quality layout of the product makes it attractive and user-friendly.

  • Backend

    Custom code development using proven technology will make your product fast and reliable.

  • Documentation

    Prepares necessary materials, such as specifications, instructions, and manuals, to support the development, implementation, and future use of the product or service.

Quality Expert

Mikalaj Tamashevich

Mikalaj Tamashevich

Company founder, director
LinkedIn Profile
More than 12 years
business analysis / software product architecture development / project management
technology stack
с++ / java / c#

Tools and technologies

PRAS actively uses advanced tools and the latest technologies to improve processes when developing web applications and increase operational efficiency

  • Asp.Net Core
    Asp.Net Core
  • Spring
  • NextJS
  • JavaScript
  • Angular
  • React
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • MSSQL Server
    MSSQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Git

Customer Feedback on Complex Web Application Development

Creating a management system for content and services

The implemented technical solutions allowed us to reach a new level of service provision and keep up with the times. We thank the PRAS team for their serious and qualified approach to solving our problems and look forward to continuing cooperation.

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Creation of history and cultural heritage information bank

This resource is an invaluable source of information for researchers and people interested in Belarusian culture. PRAS specialists were in close cooperation with representatives of the National Library of Belarus throughout the entire duration of the project and provided advice on working with the portal.

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Creating a social network for migrants

Client-oriented and technically savvy, the PRAS team offers well-designed, scalable, cost-effective solutions. The team is open to communication and, when necessary, recommends refinements and creates additional opportunities to improve the project.

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